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Yardley® Quick-Sert® Inserts

Spiral Knurled Inserts Designed for Fast, Easy Pressed-In or Epoxied-In Installation in Aluminum and Other Soft Metals

Yardley® Quick-Sert® Inserts

  • Quick-Sert® Inserts

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    Quick-Sert® Inserts

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    Yardley has designed the QUICK-SERT for fast easy press-in installation. This insert answers many repair type situations, as well as, providing permanent threads in Aluminum and other soft metals. The through threaded steel insert is intended for applications where constant usage causes threads in soft materials to break down. Its smooth tapered lead allows easy positioning for quick starts in a pre-drilled hole and the knurled body locks tightly in the host material. The thick wall design prevents thread distortion during insertion. The QUICK-SERT is zinc plated to prevent oxidation.