Non-Magnetic Threaded Metal Inserts

Providing custom solutions for medical equipment and other applications.

Yardley Inserts ensures solutions for metal-sensitive electronics and MRI equipment through custom, non-magnetic inserts.

Non-Magnetic Inserts for a Variety of Applications

The full line of Yardley’s threaded metal inserts can be manufactured in a non-magnetic variety upon request. Non-ferrous metal materials used by Yardley produce the same quality components as our stock inserts, and custom non-magnetic threaded inserts can also be manufactured to meet your specific needs.

Applications For Non-Magnetic Inserts

  • MRI Machines
  • Microwave & Cell Phone Towers
  • Semiconductor Protection Equipment
  • Aerospace Vehicles
  • Robotic Assemblies
  • Instrumentation Devices
  • Printers/Plotters
  • Laboratory & Test Equipment
  • And more

Quality Controlled and Tested

At Yardley, we are committed to ensuring our non-magnetic metal inserts are of the highest quality. With our upgraded Magnetoscope equipment, we can guarantee that there are zero magnetic materials present in our non-magnetic inserts.

Request a custom non-magnetic product for your unique application.

*Non-magnetic insert requests are fulfilled at the sole discretion of Yardley Inserts. Yardley Inserts can produce most stock inserts in a non-magnetic variation. A Yardley representative will send a confirmation as to whether your request can be completed.