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Threaded Inserts Manufacturer Celebrates 70 Year Anniversary


Since 1946, Yardley Inserts, a U.S. manufacturer of high quality threaded inserts, delivered standard and custom manufactured products for numerous applications. Now in 2016, Yardley celebrates seventy years of developing new products, processes, and practices that allowed Yardley to better serve customers and contribute to the well-being of the community and environment, which in turn made us one of the leaders in the manufacturing industry. See what set Yardley Inserts ahead of the competition below:

1. Custom Manufacturing

To improve their already efficient customer manufacturing process, Yardley upgraded to CNC machines in 2002. This allowed Yardley to produce custom machining solutions for clients at an efficient rate, eliminate secondary operations, cut down on time to delivery, and reduce the risk of error.

2. Low-lead brass threaded inserts & other eco-friendly practices

To better the environment for all, Yardley began producing low-lead brass threaded inserts which provides manufacturers with a reliable and environmentally friendly solution. Yardley’s low-lead brass inserts offer an environmentally friendly advantage that complies with new codes, while still maintaining a high quality. Yardley also implemented eco-friendly practices such as using synthetic cutting oil to keep tools running smoothly and efficiently. This allows Yardley to reduce their environmental footprint, making us REACH, WEEE, and ROHS certified.

3. Thermal Inserting Press

In 2014, Yardley recognized the need for an inexpensive, simple installation tool for thermoplastics, 3D printing, and prototyping. To satisfy this need, Yardley released the Thermal Inserting Press, which provides a strong, permanent installation of inserts with high resistance to rotation and pull-out. The press is also versatile, suited for inserts of any size, in practically any thermoplastic.

Thank you!

Yardley Inserts is proud to continue operations after seventy successful years as leading manufacturers of engineered metal inserts. Over the years, Yardley became more environmentally conscious, expanded our resources into new products and processes that give us the ability to produce custom threaded inserts to best suit your application! Thanks to our loyal customers who have been with us throughout the years!