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Choosing the Best Insert for your Application

Not every project is the same, and Yardley Inserts understands the importance of choosing the best insert for your application. That is why we've created a list of five inserts and the applications that best match. If you are already using an insert and looking for a comparable product from Yardley Inserts, you can download our Insert Comparison Chart or find a custom solution.


Yardley Inserts’ Molded-in Inserts Help Kayak Accessory Manufacturer Boost Quality and Cut Costs

Recently, Yardley delivered an order of Standardized Type BB molded-in inserts to a kayak accessory manufacturer, providing the means for the accessories to mount to kayaks.


Yardley Inserts delivers custom threaded metal inserts for unique Combo-Baton police stick application

Yardley Inserts recently delivered an order of custom designed brass threaded metal inserts to Trident Police Products for use in the Sparta, NJ based company’s newest product, the Trident Combo-Baton.


Yardley Threaded Inserts are Now Available with Pipe Threads

Yardley Inserts is now offering threaded metal inserts with the availability of American standard pipe threads. Pipe threads are available in sizes that range from 1/16” to 1 ½” in either straight or tapered styles.


Yardley Inserts Provides Custom Threaded Metal Inserts for Insulin Pumps

Yardley Inserts, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications, provides custom solutions for multiple industries. Recently, Yardley Inserts has been supplying custom sized threaded metal inserts in the assembly of insulin pumps made by a multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer.


Type AA & BB Threaded Metal Insert Fasteners from Yardley Inserts Eliminate Unsightly Knurl Teeth from Surface of Molded Parts

Yardley, PA -- Yardley Inserts LLC, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal insert fasteners, today announced the offering of the Yardley Type AA and Type BB Standardized Molded-In Inserts designed for applications which demand an aesthetically clean appearance.