Trisert® Coarse Threaded & Coarse Threaded Short Series

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Item # 832JC16-21SS


  • Self-tapping, self-locking
  • Wider spaced external threads reduce installation torque
  • Especially efficient for brittle or weak plastics
  • Offer strong resistance to rotation and pull-out
  • Lead on both ends simplifies installation
  • Ideal for automated production


Yardley TRISERT Coarse Threaded Inserts are internally and externally threaded metal inserts designed to meet the increased demand for holding power in thermoplastics, thermoset plastics, soft metals and wood. The wider spaced external threads reduce installation torque and provide a stronger hold. Installation is simple, as three external flutes provide full cutting action, while retaining chips to keep inside threads clean.


Thread Type



U.S. Thread Size (A)

Outside Diameter (B)

Length (C)

Length Tolerance (C)

Outside Thread (D)

(+/- .005) (E)


Base Materials

, , ,

Installation Methods

Starting Hole Size Thermo-Plastics

Starting Hole Size Thermosets

Safety Notes

WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.