Trisert® Regular & Short Series

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Item # 3005J11-15ST


  • Self-tapping, self-locking
  • Provide stronger, more durable permanent threads in soft metals and plastics
  • Supply permanent threads in cast iron that will not gall, seize, corrode or strip
  • Offer strong resistance to rotation and pull-out
  • Lead on both ends simplifies installation
  • Ideal for automated production


TRISERT Inserts are internally and externally threaded metal bushings that are installed in plastics, soft metals and wood to provide stronger threads than the base plastic or metal can offer. They tap their own threads as they are driven (turned) into drilled or cored holes. The three, full-length, external flutes provide a balanced, full cutting action. Chips and dust are retained in these flutes and the inside threads stay clean. This is especially important in electronic or electrical work where contamination can cause serious problems.

To make installation easier, TRISERT Inserts have a lead on both ends permitting manual placement by feel and making hopper feed practical for automated production.


Thread Type



Metric Thread Size (A)

Outside Diameter (B)

Length (C)

Length Tolerance (C)

Outside Thread (D)


Tolerance (E)


Starting Hole Size Inches

Base Materials

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Installation Methods

Safety Notes

WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.