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HTS Systems thermoplastic polymer fastening challenges solved with Sharp-Sert® metal inserts from Yardley Inserts


HTS Systems originally used Yardley’s Intro-Sert® inserts (pictured left), but upgraded to Sharp-Sert® inserts (pictured right) after changing the chemical compound of their products’ plastic

When HTS Systems changed the chemical composition of the plastics used in their patented hand truck systems, they were faced with the unexpected challenge of finding a threaded metal insert that would hold securely in the new plastic material. They called upon Yardley Inserts LLC, a manufacturer of threaded metal insert fasteners, to deliver a solution to the loosening of inserts in their products’ electronics cover plates and solenoid actuators.

“Our original rigid plastic was changed to a smoother, more flexible plastic,” said Carl Boettcher, CEO of HTS Systems, “so we lost grip power with our newer injection material and needed an insert with stronger hold to prevent them from turning from vibrations on the road.”

Engineers at HTS Systems contacted Yardley Inserts looking for an insert with ultrasonic installation and higher grip capabilities to stay tightly placed within the smooth plastic. Yardley recommended changing from Yardley’s Intro-Sert® inserts to Sharp-Sert® inserts, which have special curved hooks designed to lock firmly into softer materials like plastic.

“Originally, HTS Systems used our Intro-Sert® products which are designed with no sharp edges on their outer ribs,” explained Steve Cashin, sales manager at Yardley Inserts. “That design prevents stress cracking in rigid plastics, so at the time, it was a good fit for HTS. With the change in plastic composition, our Sharp-Sert® inserts, which have curved hooks and lateral flutes designed to lock firmly into softer materials, became a better option.”

Yardey insert cover plate

Yardley’s inserts served as the connecting point of the electronics case and provided the mounting of the solenoid actuator

“Yardley helped us experiment with our prototype models by allowing us to test multiple designs and inserts to find the best possible fit for our end product,” said Boettcher. “Ultimately, we stayed with Yardley for quality and their understanding of how to best match a product solution with the plastics material challenge we faced.” Upgrading to Yardley’s Sharp-Sert® threaded metal fasteners with sharper ridges allowed a snugger fit in the new plastic compound, securing the actuator and cover plate tightly to the system’s frame, resisting pull-out and torque amidst vibrations from road travel.

HTS Systems uses a total of nine metal inserts in their hand truck retaining systems, consisting of seven large and two small inserts. The larger inserts are used to connect the electronics’ cover plate to the system, protecting the valuable electronic components such as the solenoid actuator, which sensors and triggers the latch movement. The two smaller inserts serve a vital purpose, securely mounting the actuator to the frame of the system.

Yardley Inserts’ Sharp-Sert® threaded metal insert fasteners are designed for a strong hold in soft materials including soft plastics, particle board, and wood. The pressed-in and ultrasonic insert is designed with curved hooks to grip soft base materials, providing superior holding power and pull-out resistance. To request a free sample or quote for Yardley’s Sharp-Sert® threaded metal insert fastener, visit or call Yardley Inserts toll free at 800-457-0154.