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Yardley Inserts welcomes Manufacturing Professional, Michael Munnings, as Florida Region Sales Rep


Yardley Inserts, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications, takes pride in the products it provides for its customers. Yardley also takes pride in the team of manufacturers, sales reps, and other employees who work hard to provide quality products to customers around the United States. This is why Yardley is excited to welcome Michael Munnings to their team of outstanding sales reps.

Yardley Inserts Thermal Inserting Press

The Yardley Inserts Thermal Inserting Press

Michael Munnings will represent Yardley in the Florida region. As a sales rep for Yardley, his expertise in the plastic welding industry at Trinetics Group will enhance Yardley’s customer product selection. Munnings created a concept that lead to the development of the popular Yardley thermal inserting press for thermoplastics.

“Michael is an experienced manufacturing professional who has worked in numerous industries including electronics, power supplies, capital equipment, telecom products and apparatus,” said Ken Grady, Vice President of Yardley Inserts. “He will bring decades of experience to the Florida area. We are particularly excited about his success in starting from concept design to prototyping, testing, production, to final product delivery and technical support. This will especially help our customers who are using our threaded inserts for 3D printing and prototyping.”

Previously, Michael was a Vice President and General Manager of an electronic contract manufacturer for over 10 years serving the commercial and military markets. He was Division Manager for a connector manufacturer and Operations Manager for TEMPEST security products. He also spent a decade in the capital equipment market building custom heat and cooling machinery.

“With my diverse background, I’ll be able to provide customers with the best solution for their job,” said Michael Munnings. “I’m excited to bring the skills and knowledge I have developed in my numerous positions to the Yardley team.”

Michael has manufactured under strict military and commercial quality and workmanship requirements and guidelines building weapon systems, missiles and satellites, telecom, wireless repeaters, medical, aircraft, and many other products and industries. He has over 26 years experience in supply chain management, purchasing and logistics in international and domestic trades, managing engineering projects and production. As a consultant, he registered two companies to ISO-9000 Quality Standards.

With a wide range of experience in different industries, Michael will know exactly which of Yardley’s threaded metal inserts will best fit your job. See our job stories for examples of how our threaded metal inserts can best fit your job.

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