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Replacement Solutions for Discontinued Southco® Press-In Threaded Metal Insert Fasteners


Multi-Sert®Yardley, PA — Yardley Inserts LLC a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal insert fasteners, today announced the offering of the Yardley Multi-Sert, a direct replacement press-in metal insert for the discontinued Southco 71 and 72 series threaded inserts.

“Manufacturers using the discontinued Southco threaded metal inserts are searching for a replacement press-in insert that does not require a change in their manufacturing process,” said Tim Bailey, President at Yardley Inserts. “Our Multi-Sert threaded insert line is a direct replacement for the Southco 71 and 72 series, is in-stock and readily available.”

Yardley Multi-Sert threaded inserts provide easy press-in installation, a counter bore design that prevents distortion of threads and guide screws, and are available in both zinc plated steel and stainless steel versions for corrosion resistance.

Multi-Sert press-in inserts are used in many applications including die cast and plastic parts, fiberglass, applications where the insert is swaged to metal tubing, and other applications where constant usage causes threads in soft materials to break down over time.

The inserts can also be used with through-hole applications, allowing a bolt to enter into the insert from the opposite surface and engage with the threads.

In addition, the Multi-Sert threaded inserts feature a deep spiral, knurled body that locks tightly into the host material during insertion for a secure fit. The Multi-Sert replaces discontinued Southco part numbers: 71-20-030-13, 71-20-040-13, 71-20-050-13, 71-20-060-13, 71-20-080-13, 71-20-100-13, 71-1-132-13, 71-1-324-13, 71-1-618-13, 72-20-030-13, 72-20-040-13, 72-1-632-13.

Yardley Multi-Sert metal inserts are available in both standard U.S. and metric threads in sizes ranging from .200″ to .580″ outside diameter. Yardley Multi-Sert Southco replacement threaded inserts are available for purchase online at or by contacting Yardley Inserts toll free at 800-457-0154.

In addition to Multi-Sert press in threaded inserts, Yardley Inserts manufactures a full line of standard and custom press-in, molded-in, epoxied-in, self tapping, ultrasonic, and thermal inserts. For additional information, specifications or to request a quotation on larger quantities or custom manufactured inserts, call Yardley Inserts at 800-457-0154 or visit