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Yardley Inserts delivers custom threaded metal inserts for unique Combo-Baton police stick application


Yardley’s custom inserts were used in the assembly of plastic components of the Combo-Baton

Yardley Inserts, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications, recently delivered an order of custom designed brass threaded metal inserts to Trident Police Products for use in the Sparta, NJ based company’s newest product, the Trident Combo-Baton.

Yardley, who manufactures and stocks tens of thousands of standard insert fasteners, needed to customize a standard insert in order to provide Trident Police Products with the proper fit for the innovative baton design. The custom-made insert used to assemble plastic components of the baton was similar to Yardley’s Type B Standardized Molded-In insert, but was larger bodied with smaller threads to meet the manufacturer’s needs.

The Yardley Type B Molded-In insert was selected due to its patented design made specifically for use in plastic, rubber, and ceramic materials. Type-B molded-in inserts have extremely flat ends, providing the products with no leakage of materials on the face of the mold. Molded-in inserts are internally threaded metal inserts with a course diamond knurl exterior, inserted in the phase of production when the materials are molded and hardened around it.

“Often OEMs require a threaded insert that calls for non-standard specifications or unique designs,” said Tim Bailey, president at Yardley. “This particular application called for us to alter the thread size which is a common custom manufacturing service we offer.”

Trident Police Products consists of two New Jersey police officers, aiming to design and develop the highest quality multi-functional expandable baton available to police forces. The Combo-Baton is an expandable, innovative baton that features a high-intensity flashlight, pepper spray, and a side handle baton. The baton is made from high quality hard anodized aluminum, with a Super Tuff nylon side handle and Lexan flashlight lens.

The versatile design allows users to change the baton from a side handle grip to a straight baton, differentiating it from other similar products. The baton’s flashlight lens is designed for heavy impact, resisting over 11,000 psi, while the light produces 15 lumens of light.

“Yardley Inserts manufactured and shipped the custom threaded inserts within three weeks,” said Combo-Baton developers Eric Goleskie and Glenn Macierowski . “That fast turn-around in turn allowed us to manfucature our product faster without any supply chain interruption.”