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Yardley’s 2020 Cyber Monday Holiday Discount


Yardley Inserts is offering a discount on the thermal press 2.0 for this Holiday season from November 30th to December 4th (at 11:59PM).

There is a limited quantity of Thermal Press 2.0 in stock so don’t wait, purchase right away! Don’t miss out on the limited time discount – use promo code press2020 to receive a $200 discount at checkout.

About Yardley’s Thermal Inserting Press 2.0

2020 Thermal Inserting Press Holiday Discount

The Thermal Inserting Press 2.0 offers a simple and quick method for embedding metal inserts permanently in thermoplastics. Suitable for inserts of any size and custom configurations available for your specific needs, the Thermal Inserting Press 2.0 allows manufacturers to easily install threaded metal inserts into practically any thermoplastics. For users working on 3D printing, prototyping, or low volume production to produce high-quality results, the Thermal Inserting Press 2.0 provides an affordable, reliable option.

Features such as the digital display allows for accurate temperature control to prevent damage to plastic while also providing a strong installation of inserts with high resistance to rotation and pull-out. Ideal for prototyping, low volume production, and available in custom configurations, you can efficiently produce the same work with minimum investment and space required.

Stock Up On Inserts

Yardley has over 24 million stock inserts ready for shipment upon order. Offering both standard and custom manufactured insert fasteners, Yardley can provide inserts for a wide range of applications fit for your specifications. Visit our online shop to view all the products that are available now, and stock up before the end of the year.